1. Racpla AB: antibacterial
Our antibacterial products ,‘Racpla AB’, removes very effectively a vast number of bacteria amongst are MRSA, E.Coli, Salmonella, Legionella, Listeria…and even Tuberculosis !! (of: a list of bacteria can be downloaded here)

Bacterial elimination time can be engineered to application requirements.

Total elimination of the bacteria population is reached in less than 24 hrs. A shorter elimination time can be engineered !!

Bacterial Reduction of Racpla AB*
RacPla AB
Common Plastic
- Over 99 % bacteria are removed as little as 30 min. !!
- “Everlasting” performance
- Controlled release of antibacterial technology
- No need to use disinfectants or aggressive chemicals
- Outdoor & indoor applications
- Wall Panels (clean room, hospital OR, meat plants, schools, veterinaries)
- Food conveyor belts
- Ceiling Tiles
- Toilet partitions
- Hospital Partitioning Walls
- Hospital Furniture
- Fish/Poultry Farms
- Farm Stables
- Industrial Kitchens
- (Mobile) Toilet Cubicles
- …
Advantages of Racpla AB SheetsOther systems
- Not toxic
- Not corrosive
- Not labour intensive
- Not expensive
- No disinfectants needed
- Permanent protection
- Quantified bacterial counts (CFU)
- Safety risks
- Corrosive risk
- Labour intensive
- Time consuming
- Disinfectants or chemicals used
- Periodic protection
- No bacterial counts given


2. Racpla AF
The anti-fungi sheet, Racpla AF, finds it use in the same industries as Racpla AB, but also in sanitary related industries.


3. Racpla AA
Anti-algae sheet, Racpla AA, is best suited for the building and construction industry.

Available in solid (PVC, PP) as well as twinwall PP. Solid sheets can be thermoformed.

Racpla AA is used in applications requiring preservation against algae deterioration, such as:
● Cladding
● Floor and wall coverings
● Roofing
● Light Domes
● Advertising Panels (outdoor)
● Car Ports
● Swimming Pool Covers
Effect of Racpla AA: Actively growing algae ented onto a Patato Dextrose agar plate after an incubation period of 4 weeks

Regular PP

RacPla AA, PP

Regular PVC

RacPla AA, PVC